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Rules and regulations of Orion Virtual Airlines

Orion Virtual is a young Sicilian Virtual Airline, to fly with us is free and amusing!

  • Orion Virtual aim is to provide a fully realistic aviation environment based on our instruments (flight simulators and IVAO / VATSIM network);

  • The registration is free;

  • To all the pilots it is recommended a civil and polite behavior in the relationships with the Staff both among the same pilots;

  • Orion virtual is not connected to any real active airline;

  • We suggest joining also the other channel of communication that you can find on the website for a better experience of simulation

  • After the activation of the profile, the pilot will receive the rank of Cadet;

  • To begin the career in the Windjet virtual, it is necessary to complete at least two flights with FSAirlines Acars (depending on the pilot experience);

  • From the first validated flight, every pilot will start to accumulate times of flight.


  • The candidate must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX Steam, PREPAR3D, X-Plane 10, or X-Plane 11.

  • The candidate must be able to plan properly a flight plan and must simulate as much as realistic as possible.

  • Windjet Virtual has the right to deny the admission of the candidate

  • Windjet Virtual has the right to revoke the membership of any pilot who fails to adhere to the airline’s rules and regulations;


  • Increasing the hours of flight, every pilot can access the various qualifications for aircraft of superior class;

  • For regular flight he intends every flight ( Scheduled flights / Cargo jobs ) from the Company and assigned to an aircraft in service on that route;

  • Without the suitable qualification a pilot cannot perform a regular flight, using an aircraft assigned to the route, even if scheduled from the Company;

  • The regular flights and charter flight will be paid to the pilot according to the salary of its rank

  • After a considerable number of performed regular flights, the Company can directly assign flights to a pilot;

  • Remember when you are using the company callsign, you are representing Orion Virtual, we expect respect for controllers and other pilots.


  • Orion Virtual complies with GDPR standards.

  • According to articles 39 and 40 of the law of January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, the user has a right to access, rectify, update and delete information that the concern, that it can exert by addressing to, by specifying in the object of the mail "Right of the persons" and by enclosing the copy of his credentials.

The only information we collect is the information you send to us. Information filled in the sign-up form on our website is forwarded to the staff and viewable to only the admin staff. We do not collect any other information but what you give us. When you send us an e-mail, we will keep the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address, and our response in order to handle any follow-up questions you may have. We also use this information to measure how effectively we address your concerns. We promise to not share, give, or sell your name or other private profile information to third parties, and will not do so in the future.

Orion Virtual knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust and want you to feel confident in our services and security as it relates to your personal information. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting Orion Virtual, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

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