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Milano Malpensa - LIMC

Malpensa airport (LIMC-MXP) is located northwest side of Milano, mainly utilized as an intercontinental and cargo airport.

The airport has 2 parallel cat 3c runways with a length of 3920 mt and 60mt wide, with the capability to accommodate every size of aircraft. Terminal 1 can accommodate multiple airplanes with capabilities up to the an225, a cargo terminal located south of the airport it’s present as well. 

Weather: Typical Italian weather, hot summer with storm around 16/17 p.m. Cold and snowing winter with the possibility of fog in the early morning and around 17-18 p.m. The presence of the alps in the north, apart from giving a beautiful view of the Pink mountain, offers a prevailing northerly wind.


Milano - LIMC

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+65 Destinations


+130K Passengers

Charts & Operations Information

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